September is coming soon

Ever wonder how Partners with Paws began?

Being a full time artist and photographer , I was sitting in church one day; day dreaming, for which I might have to apologize hehehehe….. any way I was thinking ….. wouldn’t it be cool if I could some how use my God-given talent to help people with mental health issues. I had recently been diagnosed with PTSD and was able to train Samson, my yellow Labrador as my Service Dog. Samson has intervened in 7 suicide attempts. He has knocked razor blades out of my hands.

Fundraising Book

So the idea birthed to write a fundraising book displaying my art as well as my students art, the book would have 50 short stories of Labrador’s bred by Cooperslane, Samson’s breeder. This book would raise enough money to train a service dog.

But travelling around Ontario, all 5000km, meeting these amazing dogs and their families, it became apparent that my original goal of raising funds to train 1 service dog was never going to fill the gap in society. The major charities provide dogs for first responders and army veterans but no charities out there provide Psychiatric Service Dogs for people like myself who have PTSD from past abuse. Even for Autism Service Dogs, the waitlist is over 2-3 years.

This got me thinking ………and when my cogs-a-start-a-churn’in, well here we are, nearly the end of July 2021 and the first year under our belts. (Yearend is October 1st), so much has happened:

CRA status, placed 6 dogs, personally puppy raised Dazzle……..

It’s been an incredible journey and I am so blessed to be part of it. But none of this would’ve happened without you. Thank you for believing in our vision. Thank you for your support……..You have made a difference in the lives of Annie, Evie, Isaac.

But now Sunny really needs your help. Come September Sunny wants to go off to college but Service Dog Yasha needs more training and that will cost $4000. Will you help by donating or by buying a book for yourself or a friend. You’ll be giving Sunny the chance at an independent life.

Donate Now Through!

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Artist and Photographer, charity founder

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