June 2022 PAWDCAST

Well heck’in, it’s about time that I send a newsletter. Right? So much has happened this year.

We formed a new partnership with K9 Lifelines and now have four K9 Superheroes in-training.


Zola is the leader of the pack, she will be graduating in the today Friday June 10th. Stay tuned to hear her K9 superhero story on YouTube coming July 2022.


Ellie has the most feminine face with sweet gentle eye. She will hopefully be graduating later this year.

Then we have the cutie-petutie babies

River and Southern.

Both have started their journey with puppy raisers.

We will have the pleasure of closely following Southern’s journey. His puppy raiser is Julie who is a vet tech at Gilmour Road Veterinary Services. This is a very special place where they rehabilitate animals from all sorts of injuries, or even just keep animals in shape and on the right road. They offer laser therapy, tens machine therapy and under water treadmill. I tell you all this because these vets keep my Service Dog Samson in shape and will let me know if they see the potential for injury. That’s going to help Samson in his career long term.

Julie has already started teaching Southern all sorts of skills, like walking on different surfaces, climbing open backed staircases, peeing and pooping on command. Southern shares his house with Julie’s 2 children, Husband, Parrot, Irish Wolfhound and a Spinone.

Each of these pups comes with a price tag of $25 000. We aim to help our clients get these dogs for free or at least 80-90%. That means Samson and I have the tough job of fundraising to make this possible for Tara, a young lady who will be matched with Zola…..

There are so many ways you can donate to help make these K9 Superheroes accessible:

  1. Donate online at our website – www.partnerswithpaws.ca
  2. You can send a check made out to:

Partners with Paws .inc

92 Wakefield Street

Breslau ON

N0B 1M0

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