Taking care of our service dogs is a top priority. Every week they get a spa-day. This makes sure that they look and smell good for work. September is Partners with Paws’ special month, another year is closing and October is a new year to do amazing things, like making sure that Sunny has theContinue reading “Spa-Day”

Life changing Volunteers

I am so excited to introduce to you an amazing make-it-happen-kinda-gal. Check out our volunteer page to see more about volunteering. Sharelene Mohlman Sharlene is an administrative management and event coordination experience guru, she has over 15 years experience. She is our “make-it-happen-girl” . She is super excited to be volunteering and knows how hardContinue reading “Life changing Volunteers”

September is coming soon

Ever wonder how Partners with Paws began? Being a full time artist and photographer , I was sitting in church one day; day dreaming, for which I might have to apologize hehehehe….. any way I was thinking ….. wouldn’t it be cool if I could some how use my God-given talent to help people withContinue reading “September is coming soon”


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