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I Love Labs – The Cooperslane Legacy (price includes shipping within Canada)


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Fifty adorable stories, beautifully written by acclaimed author Nancy Silcox and portrayed by award-winning artist, Jacqueline Gori, and her art students, who all donated their time and talent to create a book that will give someone with a disability their freedom back through funding a service dog.

Now you get to be the most important part of the project, by buying this book. But prepare yourself! Not only will you change someone’s life, but you’ll be dazzled by the Labradors of Cooperslane Kennels, the dogs that have transformed the families in this book.

Read stories that will have you falling off your chair laughing, then reaching for a Kleenex. Your ooohs and aaaahs and hahahas will be worth every penny you’ve spent.

Artist Jacqueline Gori

Kitchener-based artist Jacqueline Gori runs, where she inspires everyone, from beginners all the way to professional artists. She is absolutely passionate about dogs and loves to capture their personalities in her work. She believes in making a difference through her art by raising money for training service dogs.

Author Nancy Silcox

New Hamburg resident Nancy Silcox has been a freelance writer for 20 years. She has cared for pets all her life and is a passionate protector of all beings with four legs. She and her husband, Louis, presently wrangle three Siamese cats and a golden doodle named Rose, who is a local celebrity as she accompanies her mom everywhere.