Mental Health/Autism/Psychiatric Service Dog

Before you start the application process you must have the following:

  1. A copy of your Dr’s note (please click here for the wording for your Dr’s note)?
  2. A copy of your household’s income as proof that you will be able to care for your service dog’s costs going forward. e.g. current pay stub, current months bank statement? Click here for an approximate cost for your service dog per year.
  3. Do you live in a smoke free household?
  4. Can you dedicate 1 hour a day to exercising your dog?
  5. Are you prepared to keep up the training required to keep your service dog’s skills sharp?
  6. Provide 2 personal references.
  7. A plan of expectations of tasks and daily routine now and how it will change with the aid of your service dog.

If you can answer all the above questions then please contact for more about the application process and to scheduled an in-person or telephone interview.

You can also download a document checklist and a personal net worth calculator

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