• Happy New Year
    Happy New year to everyone…… to the donor’s and volunteers who have supported us, thank you! We couldn’t have placed 2 dogs without you this year. We are so excited to do more in 2023…. so many more lives to change with your help. To our handlers/clients you have become family and we want toContinue reading “Happy New Year”
  • Merry Christmas
    From all of us at Partners with Paws, we want to wish you all a blessed Christmas and we are so excited about the journey that 2023 promises.
  • Can You Imagine??
    Can you Imagine… Partners with Paws is so proud to introduce Carina Annis as one of our dog trainers for the Toronto/GTA Area!  With over 25 years experience in training doggos we are so excited that Carina has decided to join us in training service doggos for Partners with Paws!  We cannot wait to seeContinue reading “Can You Imagine??”
Spring Clean Up

Mark your calendars – April 1st 2023. Partners with Paws will be hosting a spring cleanup fundraiser. Signup details coming soon…..

PAWtember 2023

September is Mental Health Awareness Month. We at Partners with Paws dedicate this whole month to raising funds to train Psychiatric Service Dogs. That’s why we renamed September – PAWtember. Sign up for this even coming soon…….

Schedule an Event

Do you want to fundraise for us. We can provide you with the tools to schedule your own event, from something active like a run or walk, to a tea party, paint party etc…….. we would love to hear your ideas

Book a date with Samson

If you would like to book our founder, Jacqueline Gori and her Service Dog Samson for a demonstration and key note speaker you will not be disappointed. This presentation is educational, interactive and tailored to your functions needs. Whether it be a 15 min – 1 hour

Become a Volunteer

Spending of funds is confined to Director approved programs and client/dog teams. Each restricted contribution designated towards a Board approved program or client /dog team will be used as designated with the understanding that when the need for such a program or client/dog team has been met, or cannot be completed for any reason determined by the Board, the remaining restricted contributions designated for such program or client/dog team will be used where needed most.

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