Our Pawtners

Starting your puppy or building a bond

We strongly believe in starting your service dog off with a good foundation, whether a puppy or adult dog foundation is important. Our training philosophy is positive training. Ask yourself “why would your superhero save you, if you’re going to over correct them and be harsh?” We have teamed up with Scholars in Collars to help you learn these skills and build an unshakable bond.

Talk Therapy is so important.

We can recommend an excellent counsellor to help you. Steppingstonescounselling has helped our founder, Jacqueline Gori, process her past trauma and reach a place of healing. Sherry Lewis has her Masters in Social Work and is a RN.

Telephone: 519-503-7109
Email address: steppingstonescounselling@gmail.com
Offices located in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge – Ontario.


Cooperslane Kennels – Labradors

Birchcliffe Golden Retrievers

Partner Charity

Our founder has a stronge faith in Jesus. She believes that without her faith in Jesus she would not have found healing. Her service dog Samson is trained to know when she experiences a flashback, apart from behavior interruption and deep pressure, he also brings her Hope Magazine, published by Shareworld Global. This is Samson in action.

Keeping Your Service Dog in shape

We highly recommend taking your dog to Gilmour Rd Veterinary Clinic for regular check ups. They take measurements and make sure your pup is developing symmetrically as well as keeping them in good shape, with their under water treadmill, tens machine etc. They will design some exercises that you will be able to continue at home. They also have an outdoor recreational swimming pool for you and your pup to have fun in on those dog days of summer. (You may need a referral from your regular vet)


Accidents and ill can happen to any dog. But wen it happens to a service dog its even more of a concern be the handler might not be in a position to afford the vet bill. This is why it is a MUST that your service dog be insured. Samson trusts Trupanion for his health. I am sure other companies are good and YOU should check them out.

If you do decide to go with Trupanion please use this link as Partners with Paws will receive $25 for any sign up https://refer.trupanion.com/bfrjCdhttps://refer.trupanion.com/bfrjCd