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You have heard the saying “it takes a village”, well here at Partners with Paws we are incredibly grateful for the volunteers that make our organization do great things that change lives through the training of service dogs.

If you would like to be part of a life changing team send us some info on the Contact us page we would love to hear from you.

Now let’s introduce you to our life-changing volunteers

Sharlene Mohlman

Sharlene is an administrative management and event coordination experience guru, she has over 15 years experience. She is our “make-it-happen-girl” . She is super excited to be volunteering and knows how hard it is to find and fundraise for a Service Dog. Sharlene really believes is what we do and says “Come Partner with us and let’s make good things happen.”

Heide Marshall

Heide is Mom to a legacy of Cooperslane breeding dogs. In fact she own’s the Mom (Katja) and sister (Ireland) of Samson, our ambassador and service dog to founder Jacqueline.

For the last 2 year Heide has successfully run the Purdy’s chocolate campaign for Christmas and Easter.

The Kelly Family – Kim, John, Caitlin and Courtney

The Kelly family have been puppy raisers for Partners with Paws. They are currently in 2 years they have raised 4 service dogs to graduation. Kim and Caitlin are both Police Officers, John is a fire fighter and Courtney runs a dog walking and training company – Court’sK9 Services she is our go too for all our pet services.

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