PAWtember is here!

September is mental health awareness month and Saturday September 10th is world suicide prevention day. That’s why we have renamed September …. “PAWtember“. During the whole month there will be 4 events for which the public can sign up. There is even a video where Samson will help you sign up. Each event is aimed to have the maximum fun, all while helping to raise money and awareness for Partners with Paws.

Sep 3rd – Crossfit challenge – Burlington- Kim Kelly and Caitlyn Kelly, puppy raisers and fellow police officers will be challenging colleagues, friends and family to 4 hours of crossfit at Coridis fitness in Oakville. 

Sep 10th – Dance challenge – 10:30am – 12:30pm  WRPS HQ Parking lot 

Haley Schroder owner of Reach for the stars Dance Company will be challenging first responders from Waterloo, Police, Firefighter, Paramedics to a 1 hour dance routine with her students. Members of the public will be able to sign up for this event. We are hoping to get as involvement from our first responders as we can. It brings a little fun to a very serious topic.

Sep 17th – Trail walk –  10 am – Victoria Park.

Sep 23 – Pilates and Yoga challenge – indoors Breslau public school. 2 hrs. Directed by Kellie and Kari

Service Dog Samson and myself, a PTSD sufferer and now charity founder, will attend and take part in each challenge which will be hilarious because I am neither coordinated nor fit. But I do believe in the difference service dogs make to people like myself. In fact I believe it rebuilds lives. Like Evie and Dexter, Evie has autism and couldn’t finish a day at school without wanting to die and hiding  under her school desk. Dexter helps Evie feel comfortable in her own skin and gives her the confidence to face each day’s challenge. Hear more stories like Evie from our K9 superhero page.

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Artist and Photographer, charity founder

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